Engaging Virtual Activities

4M structure infographics

As you go about planning your online session, here are 4Ms to help you. You can use it sequentially to plan the start all the way to the end of the session.


Characteristics of Engaging Activities

When you conduct with your members, you’ll want to ensure that your activity is as engaging as possible. These nine considerations in activity design will help you find an activity which fulfils this criteria.


SOGR framework for giving instructions

Of course, when you conduct the activity, I’m sure you want your participants to understand it the first time you explain how it’s being played. This framework guides you in explaining the instructions clearly and concisely. When you are giving instructions, less is more.


Skills for gameshow hosting

And of course, you’ll want the whole experience to be exciting. Let’s see what the experts say to become a good game show host

Pre-Course Content Overview
1. Welcome to EVA
2. Leadership: A Responsibility to Engage Teams
3. Engaging Virtual Activities